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When via Garibaldi was still Genova hookers Genova via Montalbano it used to be the location of public brothels similarly to the Lupanar of Pompeii. This was the time when Genoa was a Mariner Republic, and brothels covered the area from the Maddalena to Porta Soprana.

Prostitution was Genova hookers Genova a free activity as, every 5 years, it was outsourced and, being a source of income, it had to be registered. Today, speed bumps are located where at that time a gate marked the borders.

Prostitutes Grnova regular taxpayers — Genova hookers Genova paid 5 genovinos per day — and, as workers, they did not work on Saturdays while, dressed in yellow, they went to church on Sundays.

Velvet escorts night they would go back to their job.

They were named candle women because the duration and fee of their performance was determined by a notch etched hookerx a candle. At the beginning of the 16th century, in order to make room for its lavish buildings, the Genoese nobility moved the Genova hookers Genova to another area. As money kept flowing, nothing changed until the Reunification of Italy, personals chennai Cavour drafted a bill according to which the shutters of the brothels had to be shut so that people could Genova hookers Genova peep into the rooms.

These houses were registered as luxury buildings and regularly taxed. Alongside the luxurious Suprema and Genova hookers Genova Noirranked as first class, where one could find velvet, caviar and champagne, were other low-quality brothels in old stores with wood benches and Genova hookers Genova curtains used for dividing the rooms. The most famous, between and the end of the war, was called Lepre.

Feeling nostalgic about Fascismshe prohibited the use of black Genova hookers Genova, a colour which did hookerrs suit certain regions of the body. Belonging to an intermediate ranking category, it also welcomed young men to an after-dinner, where they did… nothing! Another very famous house was located in Genova hookers Genova dei Ragazzi single omaha, where minors were allowed to enter, which in that period was forbidden by law.

In this hookkers police officers, bribed by Angioina, the runner of the brothel, turned a blind eye.

Close to vico Carabaghe, a brothel with walls painted in purple was a source of inspiration for a famous song by singer Gino Paoli. Only elderly people can tell stories about this world of anecdotes, to which the Merlin Law put an end on Genova hookers Genova 1, Adriana Geonva.

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