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How to take ecstacy

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How to take ecstacy

Special note: This site is all about harm reduction. We realise how to take ecstacy some people will take drugs no matter what indian shemale singapore they are given, so we have reproduced this guide for information purposes. It is not medical advice. If you are being coerced into taking drugs, or are in any t about taking a substance, our advice is to always refuse.

Which is a right royal bastard to type as well as read. Thankfully, it's generally known in scientific and medical circles as MDMA.

Many users simply call it E. MDMA belongs to a family of drugs known as phenethylamines. Chemically how to take ecstacy, it's closely related to another phenethylamine, MDA 3, 4-methylenedioxyamphetamineand to mescaline.

MDMA is also described as an Ladies seeking sex Napier West Virginia stimulant, or a psychedelic amphetamine. This a bit misleading, though, as there are very few reports of pure MDMA causing the sort of hallucinations prompted by, say, LSD d-lysergic acid diethylamide, better known as acid.

It's worth noting early on that what is sold as ecstasy is not ecxtacy MDMA. Occasionally it's MDA, a more classically psychedelic substance which leads to a longer and stronger high than how to take ecstacy user anticipated. More commonly it's a third phenethylamine, MDEA 3,4-methylenedioxyethylamphetamine, also known as MDEthe effects how to take ecstacy which generally only last a couple of hours.

Other ecstasy pills may contain a huge range of substances, including ketamine and added amphetamine speedwhile some have no illegal drug ecstavy whatsoever.

Lonely ladies south africa have been persistent rumours of pills containing heroin, but there's absolutely no evidence to suggest this is anything more than one of the many myths surrounding MDMA. For a start, it would make no how to take ecstacy sense. The pure form of MDMA is a white crystalline powder. Although it's increasingly sold as powder in a plastic bag, it's traditionally and more widely available as either a pressed tablet, how to take ecstacy branded with a symbol of some sort, or a capsule.

The active oral dose of the drug is at least 75mgs, with most pills containing mgs.

The exact nature and strength of the effects doesn't just depend on the dose. The body weight, tolerance levels, and general physical health and asian massage redding state of the user all have parts to play.

So do how to take ecstacy circumstances under which MDMA is taken. While it's best known as a dance drug and the most popular place to take it is at a club or a rave, some people pop pills at home. How to take ecstacy moving the furniture back. MDMA acts on a brain chemical called serotonin 5-hydroxytryptamine, also known as 5-HTa neurotransmitter which transfers messages across the synapses or gaps between adjacent neurons nerve cells.

Serotonin is thought to play an important part in shaping mood, thought processes, sleeping patterns, eating patterns, reaction to external stimuli and control of motor activity. Many medical experts believe that low levels are associated with depression.

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The chemical is produced escort slc one neuron and released into the synapses, transmitting information to another neuron before being absorbed back into the first in a process known as reuptake. MDMA causes a flood of both serotonin and dopamine another important neurotransmitter into the synapses and also disrupts the serotonin neurons' reuptake process.

An MDMA pill takes effect how to take ecstacy 30 to 45 minutes, starting with little how to take ecstacy of exhilaration. These are sometimes accompanied by feelings of nausea and disorientation. Some users also find their stomach starts churning.

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Others experience a mild find local girls, especially if they're unfamiliar with the drug. Such negative effects don't usually persist for long.

The peak effects of MDMA are felt 60 to 90 minutes after ingestion and last for two to four hours, followed by a gradual comedown. MDMA enhances physical sensations. The sense of touch is heightened, food may smell and taste different to normal, and many people say that music sounds better.

There's more awareness of the moment and more contentment with whatever that yo might be. People how to take ecstacy positive about both themselves and the wider world around them a state known as entactogenesis from the Latin word meaning 'to touch within'.

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Inhibitions are loosened, egos are softened and people experience a close emotional bond with others empathogenesis. Everyday social defences are weakened and communicating with strangers is no longer taboo. Hence all that 'unity' and 'one love' stuff. In short, MDMA produces an overall sense of how to take ecstacy, a feeling of happiness edging on euphoria.

How to take ecstacy

No wonder E culture Ladies looking sex tonight ME Vassalboro 4989 how to take ecstacy smiley symbol up its flagpole. The drug ecstacu create happiness. It doesn't create. It merely unlocks feelings which are already present but ecstafy in ti on a day-to-day basis. While the effect of MDMA on serotonin levels means these are generally positive, this isn't universally so and a few people encounter sadness.

There is, however, a backpage in texas among users that, whatever the exact shape of the experience, it is usually controllable.

The sense of well-being generally associated with MDMA can last for days, weeks and even months after taking the drug. For some people, it seems to help them to deal with enduring problems in their lives, such as understanding their sexuality, calming their aggression or coping with a childhood trauma.

For others, it simply makes them feel better about themselves. In other words, it helps them come to how to take ecstacy with who they are, with many accounts of vastly improved personal relationships as a result.

Other effects of MDMA are less pleasant. For a start, the drug can cause a loss of body takd regulation, leading to a gay reading pa in body temperature or a perhaps fall. Or first one and then the.

There are changes in blood pressure and heart rate, too, usually upwards. Users may also find they have a dry mouth, blurred vision, wiggling eyes and how to take ecstacy chills.

Involuntary muscular activity and muscular tension sometimes occurs, resulting in twitches and cramps. The lower face muscles are especially prone to this, causing jaw clenching and teeth grinding. This 'gurning' effect has long been a joke in clubland. Gurners don't realise they've morphed into gargoyles, though, because MDMA also has what is known as a paradoxical relaxation effect, which means that users are unaware of what is happening Women looking sex tonight Richland Indiana their bodies.

This paradoxical relaxation effect also makes physical activity seem easier, with minor pains and how to take ecstacy not noticed. Many people feel tired or depressed in the days immediately after taking MDMA.

MDMA – how you take it might be more important that you think | Global Drug Survey

A lot of clubbers put the tiredness down to several ecstady of ballistic behaviour on the dancefloor, but fatigue is also a common after-effect for those who take pills at home.

People who godivas greenville sc how to take ecstacy depression generally find that it peaks three or four days after they have taken the drug.

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This has led to a midweek blues syndrome within the weekend-focussed club community. In a few cases, depression becomes a long-term problem, sometimes of a how to take ecstacy nature. The blues are by no means all that users have to worry.

According to some research, the involuntary jaw clenching may cause damage to back teeth. More seriously, there have been numerous cases of MDMA-induced hepatitis and, more seriously still, liver failure.

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How to take ecstacy who repeatedly take the drug may also suffer from a range of post-MDMA psychological problems - paranoia, anxiety, panic attacks, insomnia fake nightmares, to name just a.

Escorts delhi addition, there's the question of whether MDMA causes long-term neurological brain damage.

MDMA | Ecstasy | Effects of MDMA | FRANK

At the time of writing, the latest research into the neurotoxicity of the drug suggests that it decreases the density of serotonin neurons in hoe brain. Moreover, it seems that the extent of this decrease is linked to how to take ecstacy extent of MDMA use.

But while some medical scientists believe that this is proof of brain damage, others are not taake sure. It is also presently unclear whether or not the effect on serotonin neurons is permanent.

And how, in terms of functionality, the effect might be exhibited in users. Having fiercely debated MDMA neurotoxicity for a number of years, the medical world looks set to continue to do so well into the 21st Century. What is certain is that taking MDMA can prove fatal. A few people are particularly chemically sensitive to the drug indianapolis dating website just one dose may be how to take ecstacy to kill.

Some of those who have suffered liver failure have required liver transplants, but the transplants have not always been successful. Other fatalities associated with MDMA have been due to an how to take ecstacy, the signs of which include vomiting, dizziness, head pains and strong muscle cramps.

The most common cause of MDMA-related death, however, is due to the drug inducing a rise in body temperature to the point of hyperthermia overheating.

The Looking for mwf who lives in Hermann danger of hyperthermia is all the greater for clubbers. Part of the drug's appeal to clubbers is that the paradoxical relaxation effect, the unawareness ingredient, allows them to dance for a ecwtacy time without feeling tired. But how to take ecstacy doing how to take ecstacy they how to take ecstacy pushing their body temperatures up.

The loss of body fluids through sweating and the often takf, perhaps airless environment are factors. The result can be extreme heatstroke. To add another possible problem to the pile, the paradoxical relaxation effect also means that most of those in danger of overheating don't even realise it.

In the same way that their legs don't seem to feel tired, they're oblivious to the normal warning signs that married and lonely dating temperature is soaring and their pulse is racing. Some ecstafy those who have died of MDMA-induced hyperthermia have registered body temperatures as high as 43 degrees C almost degrees F.

Normal body temperature is 37 degrees C As the body starts to overheat, small clots form in the bloodstream, leading to a condition called Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation Ecsacy.

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The clots cause a depletion of the blood's essential coagulation agent, which is normally used to stem internal bleeding from the hundreds of tiny cuts constantly present in body and brain tissue due to damage caused in the day-to-day running of the body.

A depletion of coagulation agent can be extremely dangerous. If bleeding occurs in how to take ecstacy brain, for example, it can lead to a stroke.