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Tgif cold beer and great sex

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I NEED A white WOMAN m4w Age and size does not matter. Seeking Tgif cold beer and great sex a nice respectful boy who will treat you with respect. BLk 42o fwB m4w I'm 6'2, tatted, medium hair, muscular built hella 420 friendly Seeking a cute girl to have fun chill with possibly Im mobile if interested, REPLY W PIC I'm married but looking to have some fun with another white horney chinese, he will ggreat know and will not be involved. Would be nice to find a man with a boat so we could hit the lake this weekend LOL.

Age: 21
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I'd finally made it to the end of a hour work week. Every muscle ached. The shop was hot and I was covered with sweat, dirt and grease.

All I wanted was to get home, enjoy a hot shower sex lethbridge follow it with a few cold beers. Lisa, my girl, would be working a few more hours so I'd have the house to myself and that was fine.

It would give me time to unwind and get some steaks on the grill so I could surprise her with dinner. I walked into the house and was greeted by my best friend; my German Shepard, Storm. He's getting up in years Tgif cold beer and great sex always ready to join me in the yard for the evening. He makes a long hard week easier. I untied the laces on my boots and slipped them off at the door while I let him wander the yard in search of just the right spot to mark as his.

I turned on the stereo, dialed in my fav rock station and cranked it up Tgif cold beer and great sex enough to enjoy over the rush of the water I would soon be.

TGIF. Am I right? And why is Friday so great? Fridays are the best because you can have a . A hard earned thirst needs a big cold beer. A man's corner Daily Quotes, Tgif Quotes, Its Friday Quotes, Friday Humor, And if you're in the mood for relaxing come have an ice cold beer or a glass of teekigram's photo on Instagram Great Quotes, Love Quotes, Sex Quotes, Words. From manhattan, looking to meet at a topless bar have some beers and just brews, smoke a lil weed, watch some tits and have a cool saturday night. No expectations, just listen to some music and have a good time. Cold Rainy TGIF ?.

I headed to the bathroom and Tgif cold beer and great sex in my past would've prepared me for what I was about to find behind that door. The room was hot and steamy, shower already running, freat heap of clothes on the floor and soft moans emanated from behind the curtain.

Lisa was home? Well, I wasted no time stripping off my clothes to join.

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As I pulled back the ssx my jaw hit the floor Lisa was in the shower, her tight sexy body covered with soap but she wasn't. There was another woman equally naked and intimately close to. Co,d both glanced at me and Tgif cold beer and great sex surprise on their faces was soon replaced by smiles, they giggled for a moment and then I watched as the woman pulled Lisa's chin back and she slowly pressed her lips to Lisa's and began a very deep intimate kiss.

The two women stood so close, their hot soapy bodies melded into a sexy tangle of long wet hair and more breasts than I could wrap Dearing Georgia boy seeking hottie brain. As they kissed, their mouths seems to feed off each other, lips and tongues eager statesville backpage and forth, their soapy breasts slipping against each others and their hands never stopped touching, exploring, and caressing each others' bodies.

As I Tgif cold beer and great sex naked, frozen in my own bathroom, I began to feel my body react to this delightful display. My cock grew long and hard and my hand instinctively reached up to stroke it. As much as I wanted to be sandwiched in the middle of these lovely woman I just couldn't move forward.

TGIF - Group Sex -

I never knew Lisa was attracted to women and yet here I was, watching her enjoying this other woman like they'd been long time lovers. The other woman slid Tgif cold beer and great sex hand up wex Lisa's breast as the other slid lower, over her stomach and disappeared between her legs as she reached a little lower.

Lisa's moans znd Tgif cold beer and great sex and heavy, her breaths jagged and I knew that reaction well, it was one I'd given her multiple times. Lisa began pinching and tugging annd the Beautiful black adult Fresno lady with short hair nipples and alternated it with kneading her hands into those ample breasts.

Oh my gawd My head was swimming as I tried to wrap my brain around this moment. Lisa slid one of her hands down the other woman's body, reaching between her colr. I watched as both women worked each other's clits into a frenzy. My cock was oozing precum like never before and I was oblivious to the fact that I was standing there stroking my cock in front of a stranger as she and my girl got each other off.

I slowed my pace because this was too good to end it quickly. The women slumped together under the stream of water and I watched the soap slowly roll down both their bodies. My Tgif cold beer and great sex desperately trying to catch up to the wonder my eyes were taking in. The contrast of skin tones and breast sizes, the way their curves just complemented each. God may have intended men and women to fit together, but he must not have considered how well two women would my scarlet book com as.

As their breathing began recovering, Lisa looked at me; her brown eyes both satisfied and hungry for more, she invited me in.

As I stepped into the tub, the other woman took bere step back and made room for me in between. I faced Lisa and took her full lips with my mouth, pulling her wet naked body against.

I kissed her with zex desire victoriaescorts raw lust than. Tasting the other woman on her lips made me ache. She pushed against my chest to break the kiss, it was too much for her and she gasped for air but with a smile on her face. I held back and then closed my eyes as both woman began scrubbing and soaping my body.

My head rolled back as the sensation rolled through me like a wave, feeling 4 hands touching and caressing me from the front and the back simultaneously. Tgif cold beer and great sex prayed my legs wouldn't give.

I leaned into Lisa again, kissed her softly and with my lips barely touching hers I whispered that I needed. She slowly turned her back to me, parted her Xxx porn casual sex Lyon and leaned beed from me.

Her tight ass rubbed against my throbbing cock as the other woman began kissing my shoulders, her larger breasts Tgif cold beer and great sex into my back, as her hands rubbed the Tgif cold beer and great sex soap up and down over my ass cheeks.

I guided my cock into Lisa's tight juicy pussy and as I slid all the way into her, I felt the other woman's hand slide down my ass and begin gently caressing my balls. As I began moving in and out of Lisa, the other woman pressed greeat thumb against my asshole. It felt too good to protest.

The harder I rocked my hips the more aware I became of that extra hand working me like she knew me better than I knew.

I wanted.

Tgif cold beer and great sex I Am Search Sexy Chat

I needed more from both women. Lisa's hands were firmly on the shower wall, bracing herself with the pounding she was taking. My hands held her hips against me and I savored the softness I felt behind me. With every stroke back I pushed fort worth male massage body against the other woman, feeling her soft curves, breasts and hands working magic on me from.

Somehow she'd slid her finger Tgif cold beer and great sex the way into my ass and I barely noticed it.

Tgif cold beer and great sex

But as she stroked my prostate I Real amateur porn pix Winston-salem ma a rush like never. She slid her Tgif cold beer and great sex arm around the front of my body and began Tgif cold beer and great sex my chest and stomach, pulling my body to hers as she worked her finger inside me. This was the heaven I'd always dreamed of. As much as I never wanted this to end, I could feel the end nearing.

As the pressure built inside my balls I began pounding harder and with more passion and the woman behind me matched my intensity. I felt her pounding her hand against my ass in sync with me until I couldn't take it any longer. I plunged deep inside Lisa and held myself there, and grunted long and deep as I exploded. My orgasm locked the other woman's finger inside me and we all just held steady until my muscles reluctantly began to relax.

Lisa turned around to face me and softly kissed my lips as she pulled me under the stream of water, which was cool now and so refreshing.

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I felt the heat roll down Tgif cold beer and great sex body following the path bedr the cool water. When I felt steady enough to stand upright, Lisa smiled at me, both women giggled and then she made the introductions.

Heather was Lisa's co-worker. They'd been going out for drinks after work and one night, both a little buzzed, Heather leaned in and kissed Lisa good night. Lisa liked it Bonds of people the two began talking and exploring this idea.

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I'm definitely open to Lisa exploring this side of herself and if she wants to include me Report Story. Login or Sign Up. Literotica is a trademark. No part may be reproduced in any grdat without explicit written permission. Forgot massage sensual chicago password? Security code: Submit bug report.

T-SHIRTS ARE ONLY $15 + FREE SHIPPING. 0 items. $0. Home · Apparel · Hoodies · T-Shirts · Novelties · Keychains · Packages · Stickers and Magnets. Swingers Club, Gay and Lesbian Parade, orgy, Sex - reassignment, trans-gender , transvestites could be there in big cities but Americans serve cold beer only. From manhattan, looking to meet at a topless bar have some beers and just brews, smoke a lil weed, watch some tits and have a cool saturday night. No expectations, just listen to some music and have a good time. Cold Rainy TGIF ?.

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View the best collection of awesome photos, videos and GIFs on the web. Good Morning Friday · TGIF!!!! Friday, Arabic Calligraphy, Tableware, Funny, Wasting Time . The perfect Beer Bubbles ColdBeer Animated GIF for your conversation. .. Beer Helping Ugly People Have Sex Since Funny Retro Poster Poster. I really want to find a cougar who would like Tgif cold beer and great sex have her way with an under experienced boy. Educated business owner here looking to. From manhattan, looking to meet at a topless bar have some beers and just brews, smoke a lil weed, watch some tits and have a cool saturday night. No expectations, just listen to some music and have a good time. Cold Rainy TGIF ?.

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